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Andrea [userpic]
by Andrea (neverreal)
at March 19th, 2009 (01:47 pm)
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It's a bit sad that this community isn't very active. But I scanned some photos when I was looking through my mum's old albums with the intention of posting them here. Hopefully I haven't posted any of these before...

My uncle David. It took me a while to notice, but he has some nice winkle pickers on.

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polianananananana [userpic]
A vintage man, a vintage boy, and a vintage teen.
by polianananananana (polianarchy)
at October 24th, 2008 (01:30 pm)

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A few photos from my family's scrapbook...Collapse )

Anita [userpic]
by Anita (anitakay)
at October 21st, 2008 (10:34 pm)

Here is a photo from a scanned set that I have been doing for work as research assistant on an anniversary book. It is of a 1934 fitness class.

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Tyler Evans [userpic]
Barbershop in Dallas, TX
by Tyler Evans (tylerevansokay)
at October 19th, 2008 (10:19 pm)

Here's a bit about a great barbershop in the Dallas area.
It's a place called King Barber in Dallas, TX. It's just 10 minutes from the North Park area.
Here's a video a patron filmed at the shop:

Plus, they stock Lucky Tiger's full line, so how can you go wrong? From Cru-Butch to Molle to all the after shaves, it's all there and super affordable! I highly recommend this place to any gent passing through town.

Tyler Evans [userpic]
by Tyler Evans (tylerevansokay)
at October 14th, 2008 (09:16 am)

I hope I can get this community going again...
Check this out! An old safety razor advert!
"A boy has more self respect when he's clean shaven!"

Undergroundsea [userpic]
by Undergroundsea (undergroundsea)
at August 12th, 2008 (08:48 am)

There's quite a few Murray's Pomades available, do you have a preference for one above the other?

Jezebel Christie [userpic]
Mens Pants
by Jezebel Christie (marmalade_moon)
at July 22nd, 2008 (02:42 pm)

Hello Boys!

I was just curious where the best place to buy mens high waisted vintage reproduction pants? Aside from my baby jo... My baby's birthday is coming up and he needs a new pair real bad. It's so hard to find them because he's so tall 6"4 and we live in nasty old Florida... :(

If you guys know of any places do tell me!


Chris [userpic]
1952 Thorens Rivera Mechanical Razor
by Chris (sonsofspartacus)
at February 5th, 2008 (09:21 pm)

So my brother and his girlfriend got me this cool wind up mechanical razor this weekend. I am a strictly WET SHAVING man myself, but it's a really cool piece of nostalgia.

The one I have is actually in much better condition than this picture I found online.

Tyler Evans [userpic]
by Tyler Evans (tylerevansokay)
at February 4th, 2008 (08:04 pm)

A little dab'll do who?
Anyone here use it? Show pictures of your hair with it!

M.A. Hermann [userpic]
A light on the subject.
by M.A. Hermann (tammanyfirebhoy)
at January 29th, 2008 (11:51 pm)

Found the perfect lamp at an antique mall in Maryland the other day to complete my vintage nightstand project.

Mood setter....

...and so you can actually see stuff.

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