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Vintage Men

For the men who are into any and all things vintage

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Vintage men's lifestyle

Welcome to Vintage Men!
This community exists to cater to those who have a genuine appreciation of men's vintage styles, be it hair, clothing, accesories, leisure time, anything, really. You're welcome to post about any of the subjects listed above.
I wanted this community to be a resource for the men interested in vintage living, and a place for women to contribute their 2 cents as well. This community is as much for women as it is men.
Please, keep posts relevant to the 1900-1959 time period.
Be respectful of others when posting and leaving comments. Remember the golden rule, folks.
I do screen the posts before they make it to public view, only because I've seen so many awesome communities go downhill from eBay auction ads and unrelated mass cross promotions. I don't intend for that to happen here.
Thanks a lot for joining and happy posting!

Links/Resources to Consider
My Baby Jo - nice reproductions
Daddy-O's - mighty nice shirts here
Swanky's - A little pricy, but tip-top stuff

Rob's Chop Shop - barber in Dallas, TX
Hawleywood's - makers of Layrite Deluxe

Pomade/hair grease
Murray's - the best pomade ever made
Sweet Georgia Brown - The sweetest smelling pomade in the world
Layrite Deluxe Pomade - Holds like wax, washes out like gel... smells like heaven!
Lucky Tiger - Makers of the original Cru Butch Wax! Also stock tons of hair tonics
Rob's Chop Shop - stocks Sweet Georgia Brown!
My Baby Jo - nice variety of choices
Go Kat Go! - stock American Greaser!
8 Ball Webstore - great prices on a variety of grease
The Grease Shop - nice selection of Dax pomades

Classic Shaving - lots of cool supplies here
Vintage Blades LLC - Traditional shaving supplies
The Art of Shaving - A bit expensive, but real nice
How to Get the Perfect Shave - A good article to read for reference

Classical Gas Motors - awesome cars here

Ol' Skool Rodz - very cool car/kustom culture magazine
Kitschy Koo! - subcultural lifestyle magazine